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Best Buy Quincy is Closing October 28th

The Best Buy Quincy store is permanently closing at the end of the day on October 28th. We apologize for the inconvenience. While this store is closing, Best Buy is in your community to stay like our Best Buy Springfield store located at 3193 S Veterans PKWY Springfield, IL 62704. To find another location, use the store locator or shop 24/7 on BestBuy.com.

Geek Squad Smart Home Services
Build a Smart Home System with Best Buy and Geek Squad

Geek Squad: Your Experts for Installing a Smart Home System in Quincy, IL

Whether you're looking to build a complete automated home system, or just focusing on one area like home security, home lighting control or whole house audio, Geek Squad Agents can take care of your installation with ease. They have the expertise to handle a wide range of home control products, and will find optimal places to install your devices.

Geek Squad offers a full selection of smart home automation services, including:

Smart Doorbell Installation
Smart Door Lock Installation
Smart Thermostat Installation
Wireless Camera Installation
Wired Camera Installation
Home Wi-Fi Setup & Support
Smart Lighting Setup
Voice Control Setup

Strong Wi-Fi is the Key to Your Smart Home

It's easy to forget that for a smart home to work successfully, you need to have the right router and a strong wireless network. Having home Wi-Fi service doesn't guarantee you're going to have fast home wireless Internet. Your router may not be in the best location, or it might be outdated.

With Home Wi-Fi Setup & Support, a Geek Squad Agent will decide where to place your router to maximize performance and optimize Wi-Fi security. Your Geek Squad Agent can also optimize your Wi-Fi settings and recommend solutions for dead spots and slow speeds. You'll also get one or two years of Geek Squad Wi-Fi support via phone and Web, depending on which plan length you choose.

Let the Quincy, IL Geek Squad set up your home network to maximize your Wi-Fi performance.

Smart Home Security, Smart Home Products and Installation

Home security service and home security products are some of the most requested items for a smart home. You can now see who's at your door, or who's making noise outdoors, just by viewing a camera feed on your smartphone app. You can program your lights to turn on and off during vacations, set a home alarm, and set a code on your smart door locks so trusted people can enter while you're away. Geek Squad services that are available include:

Smart Doorbell Installation
Smart Door Lock Installation
Wireless Camera Installation
Wired Camera Installation
Smart Lighting Setup
Voice Control Setup

Having a home security system with an alarm system, light control and other smart home products can provide more peace of mind for you and your family. The Quincy, IL Best Buy and Geek Squad can help you choose the right products, perform professional installations, and troubleshoot any issues that arise in the future.