Best Buy Turkey Creek

11491 Parkside Dr
Farragut, TN 37934
(865) 218-9899
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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Buy Turkey Creek

How do I check product availability at the Turkey Creek Best Buy?
How do I check my order status?
My local Turkey Creek Best Buy store and BestBuy.com ran out of the item I want. Is there another way to get it?
I bought a gift that requires service/installation. When can I expect that to be scheduled?
What are Best Buy Turkey Creek stores’ holiday hours?

Recent Reviews

(2001 reviews)
Cathy K
October 13, 2019
2 out of 5
I have been buying at best buy for many years, this is the first time a young sales person had very little knowledge on a product. The only product he was good at was apple. The store is good,this person needs alot more training.
Brenda G
October 11, 2019
3 out of 5
Went in about a week ago to pick up a WiFi router. Got some great help from an employee. It didn't work, had it replaced ... And that one was returned.. tried to find someone today to help and no one was around.
October 10, 2019
1 out of 5
I miss circuit city and radio shack, new egg is good.
narcissa c
October 04, 2019
2 out of 5
Not the place to go if you are in a hurry.

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